Beach Weddings to Live For

An Exciting New Venue

As the recent facelift of the Milkwood Manor parking area draws to a close, and a superior seaside beach wedding venue is born, the world famous Lookout Beach is transformed into an even more desirable wedding and holiday destination.

seaside beach wedding venue

Now boasting a romantic gazebo and indigenous rock garden the parking area in front of the famous landmark that is Milkwood Manor on Sea has taken on a new purpose. What was once the scene of turbulent waters has now become a haven for marital bliss where budding brides will take their last walk down the isle as Miss. and be transformed, through the power of love, into Mrs. Seaside beach wedding venue

There simply is no equal to this magnificent location. From the vast Lookout Beach with its soft sand, kissed by the Indian Ocean, the Keurbooms Lagoon, a haven for seabirds and water lovers, to the imposing Tsitsikamma Mountains that form the awe inspiring backdrop to the best day of your life.

 The Georgian Manor itself sets the scene. With its classical architecture and opulent grandeur it lends and air of sophistication to the easy sway of beach living. And housing 11 en suite bedrooms is an ideal hassle-free wedding location. Seaside beach wedding venue

After the ceremony Lemon Grass Seaside Restaurant becomes the setting for jubilation when the wedding feast commences and all guests celebrate the union of two in love. Already a very popular restaurant, Lemon Grass offers unrivalled internationally inspired cuisine for the discerning bridal reception. Carefully selected fine wines paired with all courses makes for a memorable banquet all the while enjoyed with more views of the Lagoon, Beach and Tsitsikamma Mountain range through the surrounding walls of glass.

Seaside beach wedding venueHave you ever dreamed of a seaside beach wedding? Dream no more. Milkwood Manor on Sea and the Lemon Grass Seaside Restaurant has everything a bride-to-be could dream of to make her special day even more extraordinary…And More!