Robberg Peninsula for hiking and sightseeing.

Plettenberg Bay and the Garden Route are well known for its scenic natural beauty. The combination of forest, river and mountain, beach, lagoon and ocean offer some unforgettable walks and hikes and Robberg Peninsula is one of the most popular with both tourists and locals.

Robberg Peninsula hiking Plettenberg Bay

Robberg Peninsula – Nature Reserve

Robberg (Seal Mountain) was originally known as Ponta Delgado (Slim or Slender Point) by the early Portuguese voyagers and the caves along the peninsula were inhabited as far back as The Stone Age; as is illustrated by a visit to “Nelson Bay cave” on Robberg. Today, Robberg is a Nature Reserve, Natural Heritage Site and home to the delicate and rare Cape Fynbos – the smallest and most diverse of the world’s floral kingdoms.

Robberg Peninsula Seals

The seals seen frolicking in the ocean below

Along the Bay side of the Peninsula, one will find a dramatic, rocky shoreline and the famed colony of local Cape Fur Seals as Robberg stretches out towards its striking and dramatic “point”. The length of the Peninsula exposed to the open ocean is a series of rocky shores, sandy beaches and the iconic “Island”.

Hikers can select one of 3 trails, each increasing in difficulty.

Hiking Robberg Nature Reserve

The sign signifying the start of your Robberg hiking experience

The “Point” Walk:

Distance: +/-11km. This is the most challenging of the Robberg hikes and is not recommended for young children. For those looking for adventure, this walk is packed full of incredible views of Plettenberg Bay, the bay and the Tsitsikamma Mountain range. Being the longest walk, hikers travel from the parking lot and picnic area along the length of the peninsula, around the “point” and back, passing the “Gap”, “Witsand” sand dune, the “Island” and the Tombola beach.

The “Witsand and Island” Walk:

Distance +/- 4km. This shorter walk is very popular with those wanting to enjoy all the beauty of Robberg, but perhaps have limited time or are unprepared for the longer and more challenging “Point” walk. Hikers travel the same route as the Point walk until the Witsand sand dune – an enormous stretch of sand leading down to the Island and Tombola beach. The walk around the Island is a must-see and this is an excellent place to stop for a picnic.

Robberg Peninsula Nature Reserve

Awesome spots to stop and have a picnic

 “Gap” Walk:

Distance +-2km. If you have limited time to spend on the Peninsula, the Gap takes hikers along the same trail as the other two, but hikers may turn back at “The Gap” and make their way back to the parking lot and picnic area. The hike is supported by walkways and is suitable for most hikers.

Robberg Map

Simple map of Robberg

Robberg is a truly special place to appreciate all the beauty that Plettenberg Bay has to offer however there are some things to consider when hiking Robberg:

  • Hiking boots or shoes with a non-slip sole are advised as there are slippery and treacherous spots to cover
  • The weather can change quite rapidly, so pack a warm jacket
  • Take along adequate water as there is no fresh water on the trails
  • Be aware of the ocean – freak waves and strong currents are known along this stretch of coast

For more information and suggestions, please visit Cape Nature website.