Monkeyland, located about 30km from Milkwood Manor is a lovely family outing in the Plettenberg Bay area. Monkeyland is the world’s first free-roaming multi-species primate sanctuary and offers visitors the opportunity to view a variety of primate species. Monkeyland is first and foremost a sanctuary and is home to previously caged animals returned to as natural an environment as possible.

Lemur Monkeyland Plettenberg Bay

Languid lemur looking lazy…

The sanctuary hosts 450 monkeys and species include: White-handed Gibbon, Bolivian Squirrel Monkey, Black Howler Monkey, Black & White Ruffer Lemur and Chacma Baboon to name a few. A family trip to Monkeyland can include a guided tour through the forest to visit the animals, a walk over an 128m suspension bridge over the canopy, a visit to the Monkeyland gift shop and a meal at the Monkeyland restaurant. This is a very family friendly destination.

Cute monkey Monkeyland Plettenberg Bay

Did I hear someone say BANANA…?

Monkeyland’s sister sanctuary is Birds of Eden – the world’s largest free-flight bird sanctuary is a delightful addition to a visit to Monkeyland with over 3500 birds and soon there will be another addition: the Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary which will be home to wild cats including White Lions, Panthers and Tigers and some awesome African Animals.


Birds of Eden

Birds of Eden


jucani wild cats



These sanctuaries are all located in The Crags, making it a must-see day trip from Milkwood Manor